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I am Phillipa Butler, founder of Precizion Ltd, a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years of experience in the NHS and private sector helping people recover from accidents, illness or injury. My passion is teaching and learning and I love working with people to help them discover the life enhancing power of movement.

I offer Physiotherapist-led Clinical Pilates and Hatha Yoga to manage pain and improve your strength, posture and balance. Although I am based in the UK, my yoga and pilates classes are available online to the health conscious worldwide.

My Story: Movement, It’s in my DNA!

From as far back as I can remember training was a way of life. My dad, Chris Butler, was an Olympic Athletics Coach and Conditioning Coach for Wigan Rugby League Club. He began his career in sport practicing on his family! We reached the heady heights of ‘Britain’s 10th fittest family’ when I was 13! My brother was more talented than I and competed in the English Schools Athletics.

Our lives changed course overnight when he was killed in a motorcycle accident age 16. I was 17 and in the middle of my A levels but my committment to my chosen career path never wavered and less than a year later I was on my way to Sheffield to train to be a Physiotherapist. It was my dream job allowing me to combine my sporting hobbies, an interest in science and a desire to help people.

I have been a regular exerciser and taught exercise throughout my whole life and it has been my refuge from the challenges that have peppered my life. Not least of all when my first born son was diagnosed with Cancer aged 1year. A tumultuous 12 months followed but thanks to the NHS he is a fit and healthy young man now. This experience of his cancer diagnosis shifted my whole ethos on life and guided me on a path to consider health in a holistic sense incorporating food as medicine alongside movement approaches from that day forward. 

The Healing Power of Pilates

I first experienced back pain as a young physiotherapist. It was much worse after my children were born and I was desperate for a solution. I tried all the usual things and still struggled. A Physiotherapy colleague introduced me to Pilates and in 2005 I attended my first Pilates training course. The effects of that weekend on my own body were profound and I was a convert from that time forwards.

My Interest in the Menopause

I became aware of the first symptoms of my approaching menopause from the age of 45 when hot flushes, heavy periods, palpitations, digestive disturbances, severe sleep disruption and overwhelming fatigue joined me in my life.

Over the next 5 year I found myself feeling let down by my healthcare team and set about learning all I could to manage my symptoms and live my life on my terms.  

Yoga was a Gamechanger for me

Having dabbled with Yoga in the past I was willing to try anything to ease my discomfort. A regular Yoga, breathwork and meditation practice joined my movement toolkit around this time and they helped me enormously. 

Movement is Medicine

I incorporate all that I have learned into the programmes that I teach for the benefit of all people. All my programmes are designed to improve Posture, dynamic balance and the strength of muscle and bone. All this while preserving and optimising pelvic health. My movement approaches provide the perfect antidote to the challenges of midlife, ageing and the detrimental impact of our modern lives.

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Training Courses

  • Mastering Movement of the Hip and Pelvis Dr Alison Grimaldi 2023 
  • Shoulder Steps to Success Jo Gibson 2023
  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: Female Urinary Dysfunction – an entry Level Course (POGP) 2022
  • Menopause Management for Physiotherapists (POGP)
  • Level 1,2 and 3 Hypopressives trained and Certified 2023 (IHC)
  • Certified Mat Pilates Instructor (APPI)
  • Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor (APPI)
  • Hatha Yoga 200 hours qualified (Active Balance)
  • Therapeutic Yoga (APPI)
  • Explain Pain (NOI)
  • Pilates for Osteoporosis (APPI)
  • Pilates for Scoliosis (APPI)
  • Pilates for the shoulder (APPI)
  • Rescuing the older knee (J McConnell)
  • Therapeutic exercises for neck pain (Dr D Falla)

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