In – Person Classes and Consultations

Precizion Clinical Pilates Classes take place at

Carlton-Le-Moorland Village Hall, Lincoln, LN5 9HP

Harmston Memorial Hall, Lincoln, LN5 9SP

Your First Class Is FREE. To join me regularly choose a Membership Plan to suit your needs.

If you have a Medical Condition I require you to complete a Private Physiotherapy Assessment

Before joining a group session.


Classes in Lincoln


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Precizion membership includes in-person classes for 44 weeks/year, Class Recordings, Special Offers on workshops and much more!

In-Person Classes

Beginner classes are suitable if you are new to Pilates or if your Doctor or Physiotherapist has recommended Pilates to you. The Mixed Ability Classes allow you to progress but still work at a level suited to your body. Precizion Holidays – 2024

Pilates Beginner

Wednesday 11.30 am

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Carlton Le Moorland Village Hall

Pilates Beginner

Thursday 10.00 am

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Harmston Memorial Hall

Pilates Mixed Ability

Thursday 6.30 pm

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Carlton Le Moorland Village Hall


See me at my Lincoln Studio

Meet with me for a detailed evaluation. I will listen to you wholeheartedly and take into account all aspects of your body and mind to develop a plan specific to you.

If you want to really appreciate the power of Clinical Pilates or perhaps you are interested to train on my amazing Pilates Reformer Machine. Let me help you create a plan for the life you want to live.


I can incorporate therapeutic Yoga into your programme to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress, promote restorative sleep, balance your mood, boost energy levels and improve mental and physical performance.

Last but not least, I draw upon my 30+ years of experience as a Manual Physiotherapist trained in Western Medical Acupuncture. Where indicated I can incorporate manual therapy approaches, Western Medical Acupuncture and Therapeutic Movement to offer a powerful formula for success.

My programmes are informed by current clinical guidance and up-to-date scientific research. You will receive your individual treatment plan and enjoy ongoing support to achieve the life you want to live. This is for you if you want to feel fitter, stronger and healthier.

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