Womens Day Retreat 2024 Dates

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Movement Made for Women

Want to feel fitter, healthier and have fun?

How about a day retreat exclusively for women interested in exploring the benefits of movement, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation to feel amazing?

Join me for my unique therapeutic movement sessions and enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch. Take a day for yourself to relax and enjoy some ME time, boost your health and feel fabulous. Don’t dilly-dally because numbers are limited to 15 participants. Payment secures your spot!

My aim is for you to leave feeling happy, healthy and empowered to continue your journey to optimal health and well-being. Before we meet I will review your online Health Questionnaire to discover your unique challenges and goals.

Count me in!

On The Day

We will enjoy a variety of movement approaches to optimise your health and well-being including:

  • Enjoy Pilates, the ultimate core workout with added benefits.
  • Learn self-massage techniques to release knots in muscles.
  • Experience the power of the Breath for yourself
  • Try out my mindful Hatha Yoga to feel supple and reboot your mind-body connection
  • Try Pilates in standing for lovely legs.
  • Enjoy a sumptuous guided relaxation session; perfect for stress reduction

Includes a delicious Vegan Lunch

Your day includes a delicious Wellness Day Lunch Box Fresh from  Holly’s Garden Kitchen We will enjoy two seasonal salads, fritters and hummus with a healthy slice for dessert.

Water, a selection of Herbal teas and coffee freely available

Where and When?

Blossom and Radiance

Date: 27th April 2024
Time: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
Location: Carlton-Le Moorland Village Hall, Brigg Lane, Carlton-le-Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HP

Flow and Grow

Date: 5th October 2024
9.00 am to 4.30 pm
Carlton-Le Moorland Village Hall, Brigg Lane, Carlton-le-Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HP



Payment in full reserves your place
Precizion Members £75.00
Non-Members £85.00


Sample Timetable

From 9.00 Arrival and refreshments

09.15 Introduction

09.45 Breathe Better for overall health and Wellness

10.15 Pilates to Build Muscle and Bone

11.15 tea

11.30 Mindful Hatha Yoga for Suppleness and Better Balance

12.15 Be your own Massage therapist with Magic Massage balls

1.00 pm Lunch

1.40 Guided walk to help your lunch go down

2.00 Guided relaxation for the ultimate stress reduction

2.30 Seated Yoga for digestion

3.30 Barre Pilates for strong supple legs

4.15 Tea and Wrap up

4.30 Finish 


Options locally include
Best Western Plus Bentley Hotel & Spa
Lut’s Place B&B

Cancellation Terms and Fees:

Cancellation Period Before a Retreat Day/ Weekend       Cancellation fee In respect of a Retreat Day/ Weekend
14 Days or less                                                                   100% of fees Payable
Between 14 and 28 Days                                                    50% of fees Payable
More than 28 Days                                                              No Charge

Precizion Ltd Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Apply

Venue Terms and Conditions available to view: CARLTON LE MOORLAND VILLAGE HALL TERMS

Pilates for Menopause for Massage Therapists and Manual Therapists  - NAT Diploma Course with Precizion 10 CEUs

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Interested to learn Pilates or Yoga?

Join Precizion for regular online Pilates and Yoga classes.  All led by Phillipa Butler, a Chartered Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates and Women’s Health Expert. One-on-one consultations also available.

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