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Free Online Mindful Movement Classes
6th Jan – 3rd March 2022


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Movement and Meditation are Medicine!

Learn the fine art of movement and meditation and have fun with your movement specialist, Phillipa Butler!

“I’ve always found that exercise is the one thing that keeps me well and I always feel better afterwards”. But it’s not just me and studies have shown that doing regular physical activity can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a period of depression.

My Mindful Hatha Yoga is designed to balance emotions, manage stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and help us learn to be kinder to ourselves.

I have partnered with Active Lincolnshire and now Residents of Lincolnshire can join me for FREE thanks to funding from Lincolnshire Mental Health Promotion Fund.

Meet Phillipa

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and I am passionate about movement as medicine. I am a 200 hours Certified Hatha Yoga instructor and Certified Meditation teacher and a Certified Pilates teacher. I look forward to sharing the power of mindful movement and guided relaxation for improved mental and physical health and wellness.

My Story

My own struggles with my mental health began when I was 17.  I lost my brother; only 15 months my junior, killed instantly in a motorcycle accident.  My life changed on that day and as anyone having had this experience knows life goes on but is never quite the same. 

Then when I was 33 and a first-time mum my young son was diagnosed with a Malignant Tumour attached to his Coccyx. Ten months of Chemotherapy and then surgery to remove the remains of the Tumour left me in a state of shock. I suffered my first panic attack at this time and heightened levels of anxiety. Happily, he is a healthy 21 year old now but this experience left its mark on my mental health.

Why I share this story

Because to help myself I have spent a significant amount of time exploring the different strategies to support my mental health.  For me movement is transformative, it plays a huge part in my daily self care and is my ‘go to’ on difficult days.

How can Exercise Help?

The benefits of physical activity include: less tension, stress and mental fatigue, a natural energy boost, improved sleep, a sense of achievement and exercise can be fun. Practicing Pilates, Yoga and enjoying the outdoors is my movement prescription for myself.  



Phillipa Butler - Precizion UK - Menopause Pilates and Yoga Expert

Benefits of Mindful Movement

When we connect the body with the mind and bring the focus to the breath or a movement technique and how it feels it makes it a more mindful movement experience.  

Mindfulness is brilliant for stress reduction; aside from the feelings of wellbeing from moving and mobilising your body. The focus on breathing can help to switch on the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and relaxation reducing stress. This practice can also help us to develop more awareness of the triggers and offer coping strategies at difficult times. 

Mindful Hatha Yoga Online

Thursdays 11.30 AM UK TIME

Join me online for some gentle mat based Hatha Yoga stretches. Filled with moves shown to focus our attention, improve memory and gain control over all aspects of our lives including our emotions. I incorporate mindfulness into the movements we make and finish with a guided relaxation to balance emotions, manage stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and help us learn to be kinder to ourselves

We will explore a variety of breath techniques (Pranayama) to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and promote a more relaxed and stress-free state of mind.

Finally there will be an opportunity to chat and make new friends.

Suitable for total beginners. 

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