Make Health A Habit: Food and Movement

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In this episode we will talk habits; breaking them and making them! Join me and my special guest Dr. T. Dalton Combs; neuroscientist and author, as we share some great tips and tricks to help us all hack healthy habits and live better lives. You will come away armed with some new information to make healthy lifestyle changes right away! Watch us chat or pop in the ‘pods’ and listen in the car (my favourite) as we enjoy learning with some laughs!



Move more, feel better!

Make movement a habit with easily digestible movement ‘snacks’ to pepper through your day. Think of a habit you already have, it could be brewing coffee or tea in the morning. Why not add some movement as you wait for the kettle to boil and now you are winning. Celebrate your successes and you are programming your new habit into the central computer and ‘hey presto’ you have a new healthy habit.

WHEN is your next meal going to be?

Movement and nutrition are the most important pillars of health (in my opinion) and contribute the lions share to living a long and healthy life. But what if when you eat was more important than what you eat? Perhaps you have heard of intermittent fasting or time restricted eating; this is when you limit your intake of nutrition to a window of time during the day and have a time when you are not eating. Dalton told me that “fasting is most effective for men in their 20s and women in their 50s”, now he has my attention!

He went on to say “there is a lot of evidence that fasting can help us metabolically; it’s great for cardiovascular health, preventing diabetes and preventing various neurodegenerative brain diseases.”

What if you are struggling to change your eating habits?

Making healthy choices is not made easier for us by the food industry. Think about the processed foods that surround us, they are engineered to taste very good in that first bite but they might not leave us feeling great two hours later. By bringing your attention to how you feel later after a meal or snack this will at a subconscious level affect the way you’re thinking the next time you have the opportunity to eat. Your body will hear the feedback more clearly if you call attention to it and feedback into your subconscious the next time you are making a food choice and may make a better choice.

Make Health a Habit

Dalton said “being healthy is not normal” and he is right if you think about it. So why not buck the trend; bring your bad habits into focus and then you can introduce some new habits in their place. Finally as you begin to notice the things that make you feel great, you can do more of those things!

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My Guest

My thanks to Dr Dalton Combs Phd

Find out more about Intermittent Fasting at

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Disclaimer: Please note that any advice we provide in this podcast is for information only. If you are unsure of its suitability for your specific circumstances you should consult your medical practitioner.

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