Menopause and HRT – You Decide!

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Menopause and HRT

In this episode Join me and Dr Daved Rosensweet M.D as we chat all about HRT.

Dr Rosensweet is a pioneer of organic-based hormones and he was the Principal Investigator for a scientific study of female hormones sponsored by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory (a subsidiary of Genova Diagnostics).

He is the founder of The Menopause Method and teaches medical professionals how to treat women in menopause with bio-identical hormones.

Hormones for Health

We chat all about how having adequate hormone levels is critical for practically everything! Hormones support sleep, mood, cognitive function, energy, libido, healthy arteries, and memory while diminished hormone levels can lead to weight gain, osteoporosis (muscle loss), diminished bladder control, and so much more.

A Bad Day for Women’s Health

Listen on as we unravel the history of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Its initial popularity and subsequent fall from grace as a result of misinformation from the flawed ‘Million Women’ study. In this episode we dispel the myths surrounding HRT and re-establish its credibility.

Setting the Record Straight

In a landscape often clouded by misinformation, this podcast episode sheds some light on the topics that matter to Women and we both agree on the transformative potential of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Informed decision-making and individualised care pave the way for women to embrace menopause with confidence and continued vitality.

It’s time to rewrite the narrative surrounding HRT and empower women to reclaim control over their health and well-being.

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The Key Messages

Body Identical/Bioidentical Hormones:

There are many different types of Hormone Therapy but the current thinking is that body identical (termed in the UK) or bioidentical hormones (termed in the USA), sourced from plants such as yams or soy are the treatment of choice. Dr. Rosensweet endorses this option as a natural and safe option for women. He debunks many of our misconceptions and champions the role of these plant-derived hormones restoring balance during menopause.

Safety and Benefits:

Dr Rosensweet is clear that when HRT is prescribed appropriately it is safe for Women and offers a multitude of benefits. Some of which include:

  • Protecting bones and muscles;
  • Preserving cognitive function;
  • Supporting Vaginal health.

Now the positive impact on overall well-being becomes evident and Dr. Rosensweet paints a comprehensive picture of how HRT extends beyond mere symptom alleviation to holistic health enhancement.

Individualised Treatment:

It is crucial to tailor treatment to the uniqueness of each woman’s journey through menopause with a personalised hormone treatment plan. Factors such as age, symptoms, and health goals take centre stage when crafting an approach that caters specifically to individual needs. This emphasis on customisation marks a paradigm shift in women’s healthcare as we acknowledge the diversity of experiences during this life stage.

Testing and Monitoring:

Testing is a hotly debated topic and Dr Rosensweet makes it clear that there is a role for testing hormone levels, but this is NOT when our hormones are fluctuating wildly or non-existent! However regular monitoring during the treatment phase can guide practitioners towards optimal and safe dosages tailored to individual requirements. Testing thus contributes to a more nuanced and effective HRT experience.

Cognitive Function and Dementia:

We cast the spotlight on Oestrogen’s pivotal role in preserving cognitive function and preventing dementia. There is an intricate relationship between hormones and cognitive well-being and this alone could be a reason to treat some women with Hormones.

Genital Urinary Symptoms:

Oestrogen has a crucial role in maintaining pelvic floor muscle strength and preventing vaginal atrophy and HRT has a part to play if we are to offer a comprehensive approach to women’s pelvic health.

My Thanks to Dr Rosensweet

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Disclaimer: Please note that any information we provide in this podcast does not constitute medical guidance and you should consult your own medical practitioner before making any changes that could impact your health. the Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause

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