Cancer and Menopause

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Dr. Susan Baumgaertel is a Physician with many years of experience treating Patients and inevitably those who have cancer. She has enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors of Cancer Lifeline, a non-profit organisation in the United States. She is currently the President of the Board.

This episode we are chatting about the common cancers that menopausal women may be more at risk of developing. Is it menopause or just our age and stage of life?  We hammer home the importance of knowing your body to catch potential issues early on.

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Our Top Takeaways

  1. Midlife and menopause can be a significant transition, and many things are changing in a woman’s body during this time.
  2. The medical field has made significant strides in preventative measures for cancer, and there are many things that women can do to reduce their risk of developing cancer.
  3. Hormone therapy: There is no good scientific evidence to say that HRT (or HT USA) causes breast cancer. The main causes of cancers are genetic and lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Hormone therapy is not precluded in all instances of breast cancer and there are targeted options available to help with post-menopausal health issues.
  4. Women’s health issues require individualised approaches, and Dr. Baumgaertel emphasises the importance of being your own health advocate and getting regular check-ups.
  5. Cancer is not like an acute illness; it is usually slower-growing and less aggressive, so monitoring your body and being aware of any changes over time is essential.
  6. Any unusual symptom that lingers should be checked out by a doctor to catch any potential issues early. Especially lumps, bumps and unexplained weight loss.
  7. Take advantage of all cancer screening tests offered they are essential for good health and can provide peace of mind for both the doctor and the patient
  8. Do not hesitate to seek timely medical support if you have any health concerns.

Thanks to my guest

Dr Susan Baumgaertel⁠

Dr B is an experienced Board Certified Physician and who has appeared on listings of America’s Top Physicians, Puget Sound Top Doctors, AVVO Top Doctors, and Seattle Met Top Doctors.

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Disclaimer: Please note that any advice we provide in this podcast is for information only, and if you are unsure of its suitability for your specific circumstances, you should consult your medical practitioner if you have any specific health concerns.

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