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Join me and Nina Manolson as we unpick ways to build a sustainable, caring connection with your body. Would you love to feel relaxed around food & at home in your body. I would! Be your own Valentine this year and give yourself the gift of Body Love.

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Sick of the diet cycle?

The diet cycle is exhausting, it literally creates an energy drain. This struggle can be a barrier to realising our own potential as women with wisdom, insights and experience are held back because of how we feel about our bodies.

Nina Manolson had her struggles with dieting beginning from around the age of 8. Working as a massage therapist mainly with women she was hearing these same stories on repeat. This prompted her to retrain to become a therapist and she supported women exploring the psychology of eating and body trust. Nina has created the Body-Love Map which guides women to shift from body-hate & self-criticism into body-ease, body-trust® and body-love.

How do we come home and feel whole in our bodies?

By learning to love and support the skin we are in right NOW unconditionally. Nina harnesses the concepts of couples therapy to help women to nurture the relationship between us and our bodies.

Steps on the journey to body love

How do we make any relationship work? Introduce yourself! Say ‘hello body’ speak the words out loud and begin a true conversation with your wise body. Get in touch with you. How are you really? Not your kids, your pets or your partner, YOU!

On size does not fit all!

It’s tempting to follow along the path of experts and self-help gurus. Instead let’s take a step on the path back to your own body and inside our own skin. Listening to our bodies is a skill and takes practice. Taking care of ourselves could be fun and as we begin to listen the trust builds and this reverses the downward spiral and then begins an upwards trend.

We can now embrace opportunities to experience some things that we may love or not. But either way is perfectly OK. Experimentation is a great way to get to know ourselves all over again and it could be fun!!

Food Demon or Delight?

Food Shame hits us like a ton of bricks. “I ate enough but still feel hungry” or having something sweet at the end of a meal gets out of hand and suddenly you are a bad person! That’s a toxic truckload of shame. But if we can notice the truck approaching and take the power away from food to make you feel like a bad person.

Ingredients do not have the power to define us. Learn to spot food shame, name it and change the dialogue. “Maybe I ate more than I meant to but so what I ate something!” By bringing this shame out into the light of day we take the power out of it! We deserve better and a muffin does not have the power to make you a bad person. We can learn how to nourish ourselves in ways that are pleasurable, delightful, and eliminate struggle.

Movement is Medicine

Movement is a great way to nurture your body and especially mindful movement approaches like Pilates and Yoga; my Speciality! Why not join me online for Pilates and Yoga 5 days a week. Your first online group session is FREE!

Just tell me what to eat.

A Poem by Nina Manolson

She said ‘just tell me what to eat.’
Give me the formula the magic balance of grams, calories, macros, super foods.
Tell me how to feed myself because I’m exhausted and I’m confused.
For decades she’s been told she doesn’t know.
She’s been trained that she can’t to trust herself
It makes sense we’ve been conditioned to stop listening to ignore to abdicate our bodies.
We’ve stopped talking to our billions of wise cells
Right now it’s time to start the conversation

My thanks to my guest

Nina Manolson MA, NBC-HWC

Nina has created the Body-Love Map which guides women to shift from body-hate & self-criticism into body-ease, body-trust® and body-love. You can learn more about my guest at where you can pick up your free eBook: How To Be A Woman At Ease in Your Body

Disclaimer: Please note that any advice we provide in this podcast is for information only, and if you are unsure of its suitability for your specific circumstances, you should consult your medical practitioner if you have any specific health concerns.

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