Mindful Eating; Test yourself by eating chocolate mindfully!!

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Does the idea of eating chocolate ‘on purpose’ fill you with excitement or maybe apprehension? Not sure you will know when to stop? Me neither! Food is a passion of mine and I spent a large portion of my life openly ‘running to eat’. Becoming more mindful around food has it’s advantages but unfortunately these days this is not our experience of eating.

If mindless eating, eating with the TV, eating when travelling or working is your nemesis you might be interested to try this mindful eating exercise. Not least because it involves chocolate!! Join me and Mindfulness teacher Suné Markowitz-Shulman as we walk you through a mindful eating exercise.


Being mindful is about being aware of the present, what is happening now, rather than worrying about what has gone on in the past or what could happen in the future. Mindfulness helps you change the way you think and importantly how you respond to situations, with the benefit of becoming calmer and kinder to yourself.

Eating and Mindfulness

Where to begin? First pay attention and notice any emotions that are provoked in anticipation of eating. Experience the sensations of sight, smell, touch, sound and finally taste your food and a whole new world of food could emerge. Eat slowly, chew well and appreciate the smell and flavour of each mouthful. Mindful eating will improve your eating experience and your digestion!

Regular mindfulness practice has been shown to be beneficial for gut health and as little as 10 minutes each day has been shown to have benefits for physical and mental health. Good nutrition is a ‘pillar of health’ and crucial for overall health and wellness so get mindful around food today and you are one step closer to  flourishing.

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Disclaimer: any advice we provide in this podcast is for information only, and if you are unsure of its suitability for your specific circumstances, you should consult your medical practitioner before making any lifestyle changes.

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