Navigating Perimenopause with Ayurveda

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Embracing Ayurveda to navigate the Menopause Transition

In this enriching conversation, I learn about the world of Ayurveda medicine and its applications with Dr. Shivani Gupta, an expert in the field.

Dr. Shivani shares her health journey which led her to study Ayurveda formally. Having uncovered the amazing power of Turmeric she was inspired to take a deeper dive and her Ph.D. studies focussed on using turmeric to battle inflammation.

Dr Gupta weaves an amazing tale of East meets West and I hear all about the three body types or ‘dosha’.  We can use this traditional wisdom to aid us in managing our health at perimenopause and beyond!

Join us as we explore holistic care for Menopause including nutritional approaches, the importance of gut health and the need for regular detoxification. Dr Shivani also underlines the crucial roles of sleep, spices and lifestyle habits that help us manage inflammation and enhance overall health.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction to the Video
00:00 Understanding the Importance of Healthy Habits
00:29 Introduction to the Podcast and Host
00:52 Introducing the Guest: Dr Shivani Gupta
01:52 Dr Gupta’s Journey into Ayurveda
03:43 Understanding Ayurveda and Its Benefits
04:09 Personal Experiences with Menopause
05:10 Exploring Ayurvedic Medicine
07:10 Understanding Doshas in Ayurveda
12:32 The Importance of Detoxification in Ayurveda
16:39 Daily Detox Practices in Ayurveda
18:59 Introduction to Ayurvedic Self Care
19:49 The Importance of Gut Health
20:42 Super Spices in Ayurvedic Medicine
22:36 The Power of Turmeric
23:28 The Magic of Hing
24:31 The Role of Food in Ayurvedic Medicine
31:30 The Importance of Sleep in Ayurveda
35:42 Top Three Health Tips
36:53 Spreading the Message of Ayurvedic Medicine

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health, healing, and medicine originating from India over 5,000 years ago. It takes into account our individual body tendencies, known as Doshas, and offers unique tools to maintain balance. These tools include practices like aligning with our natural circadian rhythm, getting adequate sleep, and using spices and herbs in our diet.

Understanding Doshas

According to Ayurveda, we’re born with our dosha – a unique biological energy that governs our body’s physical and mental processes – determined by factors like our date and time of birth, and our parents’ doshas. There are three doshas, Vata (wind and air), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water), with each contributing to our physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Recognising and understanding our dosha type can help us to tailor our approaches to health and life transitions, including menopause.

Top Ayurvedic Approaches to Menopause

So, let’s explore some practical Ayurvedic tips to help manage menopause symptoms and enhance overall well-being.

i. Proper Nutrition and Supplementation:

We need to feed our bodies properly. Ayurveda encourages the use of potent spices like turmeric and hing for their powerful health benefits. Turmeric is excellent for reducing inflammation, a common issue during menopause. However, to reap its full benefits, it should be taken in supplement form.

ii. Detoxification:

It’s more than taking a break from unhealthy foods; it’s also about cleaning out our systems. Tools include a copper tongue scraper for daily detox, regular Ayurvedic self-care rituals, and an annual or seasonal detox to prevent the accumulation of toxins (referred to as ama in Ayurveda).

iii. Movement and Exercise:

Movement is vital in Ayurveda. If a high-intensity workout seems too much, opt for yoga or walking in nature. A leisurely 45-minute walk once or twice a day does wonders for our overall well-being.

iv. Adequate Sleep:

The role of restorative sleep can’t be overstressed. Ayurveda teaches us to leverage our melatonin’s natural release by sleeping between 10 pm and 2 am. Doing so aids in proper detoxification and rejuvenation.

Adopting an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Remember that Ayurveda is not just about herbs and nutrition. It’s about lifestyle changes and creating a routine that supports your total well-being. It might take time to put these practices in place, but with consistent effort, the rewards will be long-term health benefits, not just through menopause but beyond.

With the right tools, we can navigate through our menopause journey smoothly and naturally. Ayurveda offers a holistic approach, nurturing us from the inside and out as we transition into this new phase of life. It reassures everyone that menopause needn’t be something feared, but rather a change to be embraced, understood, and managed better with prevailing wisdom from the ancient Ayurvedic practices.

Thanks to Dr Shivani

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